Save the Date Wording Checklist

5 Things Your Save the Dates Should Mention

Wording your save the dates is fairly simple—much simpler than choosing the wording for your wedding invitations.  And thanks to the casual nature of save the date cards, you really can word your save the dates just about any way you'd like. Most save the dates consist of a few primary pieces of information.

1) Your Names

Some couples opt for the full names while others keep it casual and simply use first names.

2) The Wedding Date

It sounds obvious but be absolutely sure that your are saving the correct wedding date (and that you're not going to change it). You can express it numerically (06/10/2012) or as text: "June Tenth, Two Thousand Twelve" depending on the formality of your save the date.

3) The Location

Your save the date should not only relay the date to be reserved but also imply whether or not the recipient will have to travel.  Since the wedding is still 6-12 months away you should describe the location in general terms Like "Hawaii" or "Las Vegas" (or you can omit it completely).  Location is much more important for destination weddings than it is for traditional weddings in the states.

4) A Nod to Future Details

Remember, save the date cards are not invitations to a wedding. So don't include every detail of your wedding on the card.  Most save the dates include the wording "Invitation to Follow" or "Formal Invitation to Follow" which implies that the actual wedding invitation (complete with the location, time, and invited guests) will come at a later date.

5) Your Wedding Website

This is a point of contention among wedding experts.  Some argue that including your wedding website's URL on your save the date is a faux pas while others contend that it is perfectly acceptable.  We've seen both, and ultimately it's up to you—it's your wedding. It is a convenient way to let family and friends know about it but know that it's completely optional.

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